Frequently asked questions about voice recording


Yes. Provident only make audio recordings.

Voice recording has been introduced for two main reasons;

  • for regulatory purposes, to allow Provident to demonstrate to the Central Bank of Ireland that they’re lending responsibly, and
  • for staff and Agent training and quality purposes

Provident are the first home credit provider to use voice recording and believe it will help Provident provide you with a great service. Provident also use the recordings to help resolve any queries or complaints you may have. Finally, the recordings may also be used to prevent or detect fraud.

Like many financial service companies, banks and other organisations, Provident record all telephone conversations. But when an Agent visits your home they’ll make voice recordings. The Agent only records conversations between the two of you. If you’re not in when the Agent calls, they don’t record. If a family member or friend answers the door they don’t record. The Agent records home visits to collect repayments, or to complete your loan application.

The Agent will record the whole conversation between the two of you. This is really important. Particularly when the Agent is talking to you about repayments, collections and arrears or changes in your circumstances.

There may also be times when you need extra support. Knowing what was said means Provident and the Agent can make sure you’re getting the best service and are being lent to and collected from responsibly.

Provident record home visits for your protection and to make sure you receive the positive experience you expect. The recordings ensure the Agent gives you the right information, as well as providing the best possible service and support every time they visit.

Provident never ever want you to feel uncomfortable. Especially when you’re in your own home. However, all loan applications must be recorded.

If you ask the Agent to stop recording they will do so, but will be unable to process your application or approve your loan. If it is a collection visit, you can ask the Agent to stop recording and they will. The collection visit will carry on as normal.

The reason that loan application visits must be recorded is in case anything goes wrong. If there’s a problem with your loan, we can check the recording to make sure the Agent gave you all the correct information, and made sure you understood everything about the loan.

As a licenced moneylender Provident is subject to legislation and regulation. You may be aware of the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These mean that Provident has a responsibility to protect your data.

This doesn’t just apply to the information you give the Agent when you apply for a loan. The voice recordings the Agent makes of the conversations are also part of that data. Provident must ensure that this is kept safe and secure. To do this the very latest cyber security systems are used to store the recordings. No one other than Provident can access them.

By recording information, sensitive and highly personal information about you may be captured. All the recordings are confidential.

Provident keep your recordings safe and secure for six years from when the recording happens. That is, unless you ask Provident to delete them sooner. Sometimes, they may be kept longer for regulatory reasons.

If you get in touch with Provident, they’ll assess whether they’re able to delete the recording. As mentioned above, Provident have to record loan application visits for regulatory purposes, so these recordings cannot be deleted. However, it may be possible to delete all other recordings.

Here’s how to get in touch:

Phone the Provident Contact Centre on 1800 553 083

Email Provident Head Office :

Complete a web form here.


Representative example: €450 loan over 26 weeks. 26 payments of €22.50 per week. Rate of interest 60.0% p.a. fixed. Representative 187.2% APR. Total amount payable €585.00.