Online Security Advice

When you think of 'data protection' you think of protecting your personal details online. You also need to protect your details in paper form too, as these can easily get lost or stolen.

Keeping personal details safe

  1. Shred letters

Anything which is sent to you which has personal information about you (your address, your date of birth) should be shredded. Fraudsters are known to go through your bins in order to get this information.

  1. Cut up old credit cards

Any credit cards you’re not using, cut them up to prevent other people trying to use them. You should also use different pin numbers for different cards.

  1. Lock up passports

Important documents such as passports and birth certificates need to be filed somewhere safe to prevent them from being found easily.


Although we take steps to ensure that getting a loan with us is safe and secure, people may try to imitate us to gain your personal details. This is something that we want you to be aware of so you can make sure your personal details are always safe. If you are ever in any doubt or are suspicious about anything that says it has been sent from Provident then call us on 1800 553 083, we are always happy to help.

Some important things to remember about us; We only provide financial products and services within the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland) and the Republic of Ireland.

We may sometimes contact you in the following ways;

  • Via SMS
  • Via Email
  • Via Telephone
  • Via Postal letter

We will only contact you in these ways for customer service, research and marketing purposes and we will never ask you to send us your personal details or ask for a deposit from you in order for you to receive your loan. For more information on our application process visit our how it works page. 

We won’t ask for personal details over email

We may send you emails from time to time for marketing purposes. However, the only time we will ask you to fill in your personal details is on our application form or our contact us form. We will never ask you to send us any of your personal details or your bank details in an email. We will also never ask you to give us a deposit before you receive your loan. If you receive any suspicious emails like this then call us on 1800 553 083 and let us know.


This is the name given to the use of bogus emails or fraudulent websites that are designed to deceive you into providing personal financial information such as passwords, account numbers and usernames. The fraudster can then use this information to access your account. This fraud involves emails being sent by fraudsters masquerading as other companies or banks requesting your personal details – otherwise known as 'phishing'. We must emphasise that we will never ask for personal details in this way.

If you think that you have been a victim of a scam or have received a suspicious email, you can report it at Action Fraud. If you are worried about any contact you've had from us, then contact us on 1800 553 083. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Warning: This is high-cost credit.

Provident is the provider of high-cost credit.
Consider alternative options before applying for this credit, including alternatives from other lenders regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.
For example:
✓ Shop around in order to know whether you can obtain credit on terms better suited to you.
✓ If you are struggling to manage your finances, talk to your creditors to agree a payment plan and ask the Money Advice and Budgeting Service for help. You can find more information on the MABS website at
✓ If you are in receipt of social welfare payments, you may qualify for additional financial support which may address your immediate financial needs. Contact your local citizens information office for more information.

Our moneylending agreements range from having an APR of 157.3% with a cost of credit of €56 per €100 borrowed, to an APR of 187.2% with a cost of credit of €30 per €100 borrowed.

Licensed moneylenders must assess your creditworthiness in accordance with regulatory requirements. Before providing credit, we will seek such information from you.

Representative example: €450 loan over 26 weeks. 26 payments of €22.50 per week. Rate of interest 60.0% p.a. fixed. Representative 187.2% APR. Total amount payable €585.00.